"When Did You Realize You Need To Look For Ways To Earn Extra Retirement Income?"
Stop Fretting! Of Course Your 401k  and Social Security Is Not Enough...Unfortunately..
Imagine Earning Extra Income Without Having To Get A Part Time Job!

Here is the straightforward real deal... 
  • You are retired, or getting ready to retire.
  • You want the relaxing life you thought you were working toward.
  • You want the freedom to do what you want, when you want.
  • You've thought about getting a part time job, but that will prevent you from traveling to see those grandkids whenever you want, or to take a trip.
  • You don't want to be one of those retirees sitting in their house watching TV all day, eating macaroni and cheese for dinner because that is all you can afford!

Recognize This Story?

Well, this is where I found myself. a year ago when my husband retired from his job and we moved to the beach.  I am not yet a full retirement age, but figured it would be easy to get a part time job at the beach, so I quit my teaching job and joyfully moved with hubby to retirement bliss. Who Knew? The economy  fell apart, we were lucky to sell our house.  When I couldn't even get hired at the library, (that was a downer, me with a master degree in education applying for an $8/hr job I was more than qualified for and not getting it!) I realized that there are way too many retired people looking for work!  We all need extra retirement income but also want the casual life style, so....

So what does a good teacher do?
I jump head and feet first  into researching how to make money online! I made some mistakes, signing up for something that of course did not pay, but eventually found the perfect beneficial information on how to avoid scams, that is a biggy by the way, and have since tested out some options. 
Currently I am on my way to building my at home business with several streams of income.

What you will discover on this website:

  •   Results of my information gathering are revealed...
  •  My Recommendations based on what I chose to try...
  • Honest Reviews of opportunities to earn extra or supplemental money in retirement
  • Direct Links to sign up today (or tomorrow) if you want to look into any of these proven opportunities.

Three Legitimate Directions to Ponder and Pursue 

Try One or Try Them All

Email Based Opportunities 
$ There are some extra income opportunities where all you have to do is click on an email link. 
$$  Sign up with an organization and they send you emails.
$$$  These can be getting paid to fill out consumer surveys, fill out free trial forms or getting paid to click on ads. 
$$$$   It will not replace income, but it will create extra spending money.  I look at is as Holiday spending

Time: About 30 minutes a day

Work at Home Jobs
$ There are legitimate work at home jobs out there,  but you have to find a site that will guide you in the right direction. 
$$ This can be a scammy area, so it is important to do research first or follow trusted sources.  $$$  The job market for these jobs is just as tough as for any other job, more people looking than hiring. 
Rule of Thumb: People pay you to work, you do not pay them to give  you work.

varies  lots at first to read and absorb

Work At Home Careers Review
Affiliate Marketing
This is promoting other peoples products; you receive a commission if a purchase is made.
$$ No overt solicitation. 
$$$  Once trained, free start up costs. Some expenses after you get started that could make things easier for you. 
$$$$ This method of extra retirement income will become substantial income producer.  Pays for it self over and over again

Lots at first to learn, like a course.  Flexible hours adjustable scheduling to own needs.